US VISAWe consider visas application a very important matter, therefore we advise our clients in the different types visa that most fits their needs. After we analyze carefully our client situation we explain the reasons why we consider whether to proceed with application or not. Most of the times some clients they do not comply with the formalities required by the American Consulate, that’s we advice, rather than prepare immediately a Visa application, to adjust first those formalities required. Even though,

we cannot, in any of the visa application, guarantee with absolute certainty the issuance of the visa, our experience has demonstrate us that the better and more complete is the application, the most probability there is to positive results.

Among the types visas are:

  •       Business or Tourism (B1/B2)
  •       Academic and Exchange Visitor (F, J, M)
  •       Temporary Work (H, L, O, P)
  •       Commerce and Investments (E1 o E2)
  •       Journalist (I)
  •       Transit and Crewmember (C, D)
  •       Religious Occupations (R)
  •       Diplomats and Officers (A, G)
  •       Group
  •       Domestic Employee

For more information about the requirements and conditions of the different types of visas, please contact us.


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